Silk Flower Arrangements, Artificial Silk Flowers and Garlands

Silk Flower

A beautiful flower can fill you with a pleasant feeling and bring a cute smile on your face. If we speculate almost on all the occasions flowers are considered must. Whether it is wedding, birthday or even a funeral you’ll always find a place for flowers. I like all sort of flowers. Last week I was attending a wedding of my friend. As I entered the gate of the wedding hall a beautiful, spectacular vision met my eyes. I was simple flabbergasted to see the exotic flower arrangement. The designer really made the day. Flowers of different colors and kinds were places so elegantly in the hall. I think that vision enthralled every guest not only me. The most surprising part was that even by the end of the day the flowers were as fresh as newly plucked buds from the plant. Out of my curiosity I tried to pluck one flower and I was shocked it wasn’t a real rose. It was a silk flower. Can a silk flower look so original?

Wow! I mean that was an experience. Nowadays it’s getting very common to use silk flowers rather than the real ones. There are other artificial flowers too like, velvet or thick cloth and paper flowers but they are no match to silk flowers. There are so many plus points in using silk flowers than the actual thing. They just not smell like real ones otherwise they look shockingly real. They are economical as well as esthetical alternatives. You haven’t heard about the best part yet. It will remain fresh forever. What else you want? Now you can easily go on business trip or a vacation without worrying that who’ll take care and water your plants. You can just dust them once a week and they’ll be as new as ever. I have a lot of silk flowers arranged in my house on different spots. They add color and life to a place.

What I like most about them that I can see my favorite flower arrangement throughout the year despite the weather change. Like real flowers these flowers are not subject to weather change neither do I have to change the flower when the season changes. I just have to buy what I like from market and can have it for as long as I want. Due to extensive use of these flowers they are quite cheap and easily available in market. And there is every possible color and kind of flower so you don’t have to worry about finding your favorite flower. You may face the problem about what to but? There is a huge variety available. Quality silk flowers look so real even on close examination. The making of such flowers take extra effort and precision to give it an almost natural look. Well maybe a sub-standard or cheap silk flower could give you a fake feeling on close admiration.

You can arrange these flowers the way you want and wherever you want. It can brighten up your house and office or even a hospital. You can place a simple stem-long flower or a bunch of assorted flowers in a corner, entryways and bedrooms. Or you can place them safely on the places where you are afraid of spilling water. Like glass tabletops or computer desk. For a more natural touch now there are few silk flowers available in market "glass vases with water," though the vases are actually acrylic and non-spill. Silk flowers are best gifts. You can present your friend an ivory or red rose’s bouquet that will last for a lifetime. Could there be any better gift? Just recently I have seen a totally different and novel use for silk flowers. Well everyone is aware of the fact that with the passage of time people are becoming more and more sensitive about the presentation.

This awareness about presenting a thing in a nice way is becoming strong about everything. Now the women at home take precise care to make the food look as good as it tastes. I visited a hotel few days ago. And I saw that in a buffet they put few silk flowers on different dishes that looked simply awesome. Those add so much freshness and color to the otherwise simple dishes. So I think on an individual level, you just have to think a bit creatively and these silk flowers can do wonders in ones life. And I am sure everyone wants to do something new sometime. So you can start with your bunch of favorite silk flowers.