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Tropical Flowers

Tropical Flowers, as the phrase suggests, refers to flowers that grow in the tropics. Tropical regions are located near and around the equator. These places provide ideal climatic conditions for tropical Flowers to grow in, as these flowers thrive when it is warm and humid.

These conditions persist throughout the year in most of these countries, which help to keep so many beautiful flowers in bloom.

Climatic conditions in the tropics favor insect activity, which also benefits tropical flowers. Since tropical flowers are insect-pollinated, they gain from an extended insect activity. Their bright colors and fragrances attract insects, while their long stems make them prominent for insects to access easily. Wind pollination may play its role while pollination is also carried out through birds, such as the humming bird. Birds, like insects, are attracted to these flowers because they are colorful.

While many people prefer to categorize tropical flowers according to their bright colors, which make up 7 categories, it is simpler to follow four basic categories. These include:

  • Tropical Beach Flowers
  • Tropical Rain Forest Flowers
  • Rare Tropical Flowers
  • Hawaiian Tropical Flowers


Though these are broader classifications, they are believed to be more practical when you study tropical flowers scientifically.

When you research or look out for tropical flowers, you will find a wide variety of them because the tropics are abundant in flora and fauna. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Most of them have lovely fragrances too. Their beauty and aroma are made use of in different ways. Apart from the beauty that they emanate, tropical flowers are known for their medicinal qualities. Many of these beautiful flowers are used for making ointments and cleansers.

Much to our general lack of knowledge or surprise, many items that we use regularly or periodically are made from tropical flowers. Ointments and skin cleansers usually have a great aroma and possess cleansing qualities. Some of them can soften your skin and give you a younger and healthier look. Others are used to clear your skin and remove blemishes. People have generally noticed remarkable improvements in their skin while using creams and ointments made from tropical flowers.

The long stems and bright colors of tropical flowers leave a lot of room to consider where you can make use of them. Flower arrangements and decorations come to mind immediately when you first learn about the qualities of these flowers. Other uses of tropical flowers may include wearing them during times of celebrations.   

Tropical Flowers will almost certainly be used during a wedding or other important celebrations in any tropical region. For example, ‘Leis’ that are made with these flowers are considered to be an integral inclusion for a Hawaiian wedding. There are particular types of tropical flowers people will go out of their way for during particular celebrations too. They will either make use of it themselves or they might gift it to others. This is because of the cultural significance associated with some of these flowers. For example, the cymbidium orchid is a symbol of perfection.

Tropical flowers are sometimes packaged along with exotic items from the tropics, such as coffee, chocolate, etc. to make exclusive gifts. You may order these combinations as gifts that you can send to friends and relatives. Apart from this, tropical flowers aloneare in great demand. They are exported to places like Japan, the U.K. and Canada.

Since tropical flowers last longer and are stronger than other flowers, there are no fears of them wilting or losing their freshness before they reach their destination. This is also the reason why people enjoy using tropical flowers in vases. For flower arrangements, anthuriums are considered to be the best to use because they last the longest [up to two weeks]. However, some people might prefer to use orchids, as they are the easiest ones to arrange in a vase. They automatically arch and fill up spaces.

Tropical Flowers can also be grown in gardens easily. They don’t need much care apart from sunshine and water. Some well known ones that are grown in homes and gardens include the bougainvillea and the red ginger. The bougainvillea is one example of tropical flowers that has woody stems with thorns.